Monday, January 31, 2011

Nanites @ the FTC Qualifiers

So the Nanites went out to Hilhi for their qualifying tournament for the FIRST Tech Challenge...

BIG THANK YOU, to Hilhi for hosting the tournament.
And another BIG THANK YOU, to team 3515, Untitled-8, for being amazing and picking us for the final alliance, even when we were ranked basically last on the charts. (: (haha...)
And of course, A BIG THANK YOU to our coaches, mentors, and definitely to our families!

Seems that there's a trend:
At state last year's FLL tournament, we got a 75 point run (out of 400), and managed to sneak into Atlanta.
This year, after being ranked 13th (out of 14 teams...), we still somehow win Inspire?

I think we're just lucky.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nanites in the Community (Video)

Our video concerning some of the bigger points of our outreach this season. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nanites Robotics Demo @ Bridlemile

On Monday, January 31st, the Nanites will be going to Bridlemile Elementary to do a demo on the FIRST program! More information can be found on the PDF file below:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oregon FLL State Champions!

We saw some great competition over the past 2 days at the Oregon State FLL Tournament. Everybody did an awesome job, and it was very impressive!

The Nanites would like to offer special recognition to the winners of this years' tournaments, Team #10075, the MRI's, and team #495, the Future Imagineers! Congratulations to the both of them, they deserved it!

The MRI's will be representing Oregon at the FIRST World Festival in St. Louis, and the Future Imagineers will be competing against teams from all over North Ameria at LEGOLand!

Great job, FLL!

Friday, January 14, 2011

FLL State Championships! (:

Tomorrow (Saturday) and this Sunday - January 15th and 16th - is the FLL State Championships for Oregon and Southwestern Washington! If you live in the area, invite friends and families to come watch and support the amazing robotics program that many FTC participants were once part of. (:

Also, all of our team members will be volunteering for the tournament, helping lead tours for the Jr. FLL teams, and helping at the pit. If you come to the tournament, keep watch for Vicki and Ida as emcees during tournament, something that should be somewhat entertaining to watch.

Good luck to all teams!

Hi everyone,

We made the 20 tooth white sprocket that goes with the TETRIX tank treads. Again, these weren't in the kit of parts, and since they're part of our robot design, we decided to just make them in ProE. Click the preview below to download. (:

Also, if you want to see the other unofficial CAD models we've made, click here to go to our main site's CAD model page.

Hope you guys had a good Christmas and New Year's!