For FTC, most people tend to design their robots using some sort of CAD software (whether it be PTC aka ProENGINEER, or Autodesk, or anything else). Our team used PTC because they have a downloadable pack of most of the FTC parts you will need. However, in the process of our building and designing, we came across multiple items that were missing. We looked online to see if maybe other teams had the models, and couldn't find them. So we decided we'd try our hand at making them ourselves.

Here we have some of our own unofficial CAD models for PTC, open to the public, if you want to use them. (:

Note - CAD Models that are at version one are usually the base shape, and are not completely detailed.
They are also listed in alphabetical order.

Want us to make a part that you couldn't find in the online pack? Contact us here.

Multiplexer v1

updated 12/29/2010

Multiplexer Battery Box v1

updated 12/12/2010

TETRIX Inner Chain v5

updated 2/13/2012

TETRIX Outer Chain v2

updated 2/13/2012

TETRIX Chain Sprocket 16 tooth v2

updated 2/17/2012

TETRIX Tank Treads (TT) v2

updated 12/12/2010

TETRIX Tank Treads: 20t Sprocket v2

updated 1/2/2011