PNSQC 2012: Engineering Quality in the Robotic World

Published by: Ethan Takla, Vicki Niu, Ida Chow, MacLean Freed, Jeffery Wang, and Kingsum Chow

At the 30th Annual Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, the Nanites were honored to conduct a paper presentation entitled "Engineering Quality in the Robotic World". The presentation at the World Trade Center was well-received by members of the professional software community; the Nanites discussed their experiences in FIRST robotics throughout FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge, the error and inaccuracies of the sensors initially used in FTC and the Nanites' solutions to the problems of unreliable orientation and position information.

PNSQC 2010: Software Quality Assurance in the Physical World

Published by: Kingsum Chow, Danny Brillhart, Ida Chow, Vicki Niu, and Ethan Takla (2010 Nanites Coach + Team)
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In their last year in the FIRST LEGO League, the Nanites worked on new ways of programming including things like PID line following algorithms and also something they called their "black box" which would help them store data during their run that would help them figure out what went wrong when things went wrong. Using their findings from that year, the Nanites (in their freshman year) published a paper in the fall at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, where they were the only high school students there.

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