The Nanites are a current FTC team in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about our team and what we do here on this page.

Nanites Today
This year, the Nanites, team 4092, will be in their 3rd year in the FIRST Tech Challenge (learn more here). We're hoping for a wonderful year and experience, and hope everyone else will have one as well.

The name "Nanites" is inspired by the movie "I, Robot" and the nanites, or little nano robots, that work together as a team to accomplish big tasks.

History of the Nanites
2005-2006. (4th grade) - Our FLL robotics team started, known as the "Radical Rookies", an awkward team of 11 kids (somehow), but in the end, we managed to win 2nd place in research at our qualifying tournament.
2006-2007. (5th grade) - In this year, we switched our name to the "Nanites", in honor of the theme of nanotechnology. We were awarded the young team award in our qualifying tournament, and for the first time, would be heading to state. At state, we managed to be awarded the 2nd place in Robot Design.
2007-2008. (6th grade) - Going into middle school, we altered our name to reflect our school spirit, and became the "Sylvan Nanites". To our surprise, we were able to win the Director's (Chairman's, Champion's) Award at our qualifying, and 3rd Young Yeam in state. After that, we were offered the chance to go to the International Open in Minnesota, and there we placed 12th out of 63 teams from 11 different countries.
2008-2009. (7th grade / 3rd grade) - After our decent success of the last year, we adopted some younger kids into our team, and went back to the name of just "Nanites", because at this time, some of our team members went to different schools. We won the Champion's Award (renamed from Director's) in our qualifying tournament, and 1st place research in state.
2009-2010. (8th grade) - As our last year in FLL, we kept it at all members being at the same age. Since it was our last year, much effort was put into our ideas and work. The qualifying tournament was tough, and we ended up getting the Runner-up to the Champion's Award, and due to that, worked even harder over Christmas break. Finally, at the state tournament of Oregon, it seemed that all our hard work paid off, and we won 1st place at our state tournament, which meant we would be given the opportunity to attend and compete in the World Festival of Atlanta, Georgia. This was an amazing experience for us all, and we managed to be awarded 1st place in programming, a wonderful note to our last year in the program.
2010-2011. (9th grade) - As our first year in the FTC program, we won the Inspire Award at our qualifying tournament and advanced to state.
2011-2012. (10th grade) - In our second year of being a part of the FTC program, our team was part of the winning alliance of the Oregon State Championship, along with "The Short Circuits" and "Blue Steel".

2012-2013. (11th grade) - Season ongoing!