Some outreach we have done in the recent years:

Forest Heights Robotics Center
The Nanites started a robotics center in their neighborhood, hosting an open house for National Robotics Week in April, and also allowing teams to practice on full FTC and FLL fields in the facility.

Mentoring Teams
The Nanites have mentored many FLL and FTC teams including The Loose Screws FTC Team, the Singapore American International School FTC Team, many FLL teams from ACCESS Academy, Forest Park, and Bridlemile.

Dough For Dollars - Fundraiser with Pizzicato
A fundraising event in collaboration with Pizzicato, raising over $600 to support both the Lincoln FTC and the LINCOLN FRC team.

PASTA-THON - Fundraiser with Pastini Pastaria
The Nanites worked together with Pastini Pastaria to plan 2 days in December where 50% of net proceeds would be donated towards Lincoln's Robotics Club, which includes both the Nanites FTC team, the Lincoln FRC team, and the Lincoln MATE Robotics Team.

Nanites Robotics Summer Camps 2011
The Nanites, after visiting many schools in the Portland area, found that many of the schools did not have robotics teams, while other schools had a huge number of them. This inequal balance between teams in the district served as a deep contrast, especially since many of the schools weren't able to give this opportunity due to issues with funding.
During the summer of 2011, the Nanites reached out to the farther out communities of Portland, Oregon and held camps at two separate sites - Sellwood Community Center and East Portland Community Center. Over 18 days and around 60 hours, the Nanites shared their experience and what they learned with around 80 kids for free (any costs for the camp went directly to the community centers, for between $10 - $25).

School Tours 2010-2011
The Nanites visited three schools in 2011 to share more about the FIRST program, our experience, and how they could get involved. We talked to kids from kindergarten to 5th grade, and to parents of the students at Bridlemile, Forest Park, and Ainsworth Elementary Schools.
The year before they had also visited Forest Park as well as ACCESS Academy/Sabin Elementary School located on the other side of Portland.

Mini FLL Tournaments 2010-2011
The Nanites helped host a mini FLL Tournament at ACCESS Academy with judging on Robot Design/Programming, Research, and Robot Perfomance on the table.
The year before, the Nanites helped put together a tournament at a house where a few teams came together to display and share their robots and research projects.

Outreach with Intel 2008-2011
Over the years, the Nanites have consistently helped out with, and planned the set up for, the robotics events at days like Intel's Kid's Day, and the Intel Open House in order to show how today's kids have been inspired and can be inspired by programs like FIRST.

Sand In The City 2010
At a open to the public event in Pioneer Square, the Nanites helped man the FLL booth

Programming Clinics 2010
During the summer of 2010, the Nanites held 3 programming "clinics" at the Intel Jones Farm campus to help those already familiar with FLL NXT-G programming develop their skills further.