Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hood River Valley Qualifying Tournament!

Second week of four consecutive weeks of  robotics tournaments...

(Updated live from HRV High School!)

9:00am - hardware, software, field... Check, check and check! Also, free doughnuts for being the first team to clear inspection!
11:30am - finished the formal technical judging!

Heading to the field to watch matches

1:30pm - Won first three rounds... but the fishing line on scissor lift snapped. Working to fix it... this seems to be an issue.

Fixing the fishing line

2:30pm - Undefeated first seated team! (Second tournament this year being undefeated in qualifying rounds! Which hasn't happened in our last two years...)


5:00pm - After many exciting rounds, and one round where we forgot to plug in wires to the NXT (oops), we become the winning alliance with team #5938 the Loose Screws! Besides this, we also receive the Think award!

One of the final matches

Think Award!

Winning Alliance!
(excuse old banner)

This was a fun & exciting tournament, next up: the OMSI Qualifying Tournament we are hosting on Saturday, February 23rd!


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