Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Update!

Long time since a post on the blog! 

(Heads up that most news and updates are posted on our Facebook page.)

Anyway, this season we decided to participate in the Washington FTC league, and were able to advance to  the upcoming FTC West Super-Regional Championship through receiving the 2nd Place Inspire award. It was also great to participate in our own Oregon FTC league for the last time! 

Besides the competitions, we've also been busy with helping better incorporate STEAM into our community. We've helped start new teams at our school, Lincoln High School, and we now have a total of 10 FTC teams this season! We've also helped to start and fund computer science and robotics classes at LHS, and have done demonstrations at public events. For more about the outreach we've done, click here.

We're looking forward to the tournament in Sacramento, and are excited to meet with the mix of teams that will be participating!

The Nanites (#4092) at the Washington State Championship!


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